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About the Software

      “MRBE: Rental Management” - how was this rental management software developed? At first, in 2003, there was the program “1Ñ Enterprise 7.7".  During several years the software was being adjusted and enlarged simultaneously with the growth of the rental business. But one day technical capabilities of software became insufficient. The modern market needs more flexible software solutions with more functions and capabilities.
      The head of the company MRBE (formerly, the main developer of the software based on "1C: Enterprise 7.7") made a decision to create a new software for rental management of building equipment on the basis of new platform "1C: Enterprise 8".
       The analysis showed that there was no typical solution for managing the building equipment rent in Russia at that moment. There were only some small projects of Russian companies. At the same time the products of the foreign companies had a big minus: expensive installation and problems with support.
      Our rental management software was developed in accordance with real demands of modern business. We did not make up anything new, we just orientated towards the things in demand. The Interface is made according to the needs of a particular users’ group, taking into account their wishes and proposals.
       The main idea is to save time of all stuff by cutting down to minimum the chores such as drawing up a contract, making or issuing the invoice, sending out the documents by fax or anything else.

“MRBE:Rental Management” Will Automate the Following Activity Areas of Your Company:

  • Rental management of building equipment
  • Document management
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Sales operation (including the wholesale, fleet and commission sales)
  • Procurement management
  • Price analysis and price policy management
  • Stock reserve management
  • Funds management
  • Accounts Payable
  • VAT accounting
  • Monitoring and analysis of trade activity effectiveness
  • Accounting

       We did not develop "MRBE: Rental Management" from scratch. As the majority of functions that are essential to enterprise have already been implemented and tested in many applications of other companies. We used standard configuration from the leader of applied business solutions "1C: Trade 8" and "1C: Accounting 8". In "1C: Trade 8", we have developed subsystems "Rental Management" and «Document Management», integrated them with standard functionality. And also we made minor changes to the application "1C: Accounting 8". Between the two configurations it was established exchange of documents.

“MRBE:Rental Management”
software targets such users

Rental Managers

      What are the advantages of “MRBE:Rental Management”? With the help of this rental management software the managers will be able to take the order from the customer quite quickly, to ensure that there is the equipment needed. In case there is no such equipment in storage the software will show where it is: either under repair or in another storage of the company. If a piece of equipment is  rented at the moment, the software will show the name of the renter, also it will show on which building site it is situated, and when it has to be returned. This rental management software will also give the opportunity to keep track of mutual payments, to revise equipment, to register the downtime and to adjust the tariff rate. Moreover, it can present the work of equipment graphically. When performing the return of equipment, a useful form of equipment selection will show, which piece of equipment is exactly being rented by the client at the moment. Manager will be able to record in one and the same form the quantity of the returned equipment, to know which piece of equipment should be repaired and how many of them are lost. It will be possible to record specifications, expendable materials, delivery services, compensation for reparable, nonreparable and lost equipment in one document. The software tool will help to distribute the returned equipment to the storages and will register the consumption of materials.
    The subsystem of customer relationship management will help to gather the information about the customer, to see the customer history (phone calls, emailing, meetings, negotiations and so on) quite quickly.
     Access control system guarantees the personal responsibility of each manager for his/her document. The function of shipment prohibition will give the opportunity to block the dispatching of equipment to unfair customer.
    The Task manager will give manager the opportunity to communicate with the storage stuff, to control the managing of the storage operations and will give the possibility to use memos system.

     It is possible to send an invoice or reconciliation to the client by fax or e-mail using only one button.
  "MRBE: Rental Management" will also help to know when and who has made the shipment, who has taken the goods and who will be responsible for this.

Financial Managers

   Finance Department stuff get the information without duplication of data. The information is entered directly at the place of its appearance. The Finance Manager’s aim is just to work on and control the data provided.
     The system will account the rent, issue acts, invoices, proforma-invoices, it will send them by fax and will help to prepare the mail.
    Subsystem of document operation will let you know which documents are already sent, when, how and whom they are sent to, which documents are already signed and sent back to the customers.
    Flexible framework of adjustable reports will let you get any information, prepare the reports for chief manager and owner of the company quite quickly.
    Financial Managers will be able to keep financial records in up-to-date accounting system 1Ñ:Enterprise 8.

Storage Managers

       Storage Managers will always be able to keep stock records up to date.

Support Team

       Support Team will be able to keep cost accounting of equipment maintenance, to register the decommissioning of the materials, working hours, outside companies’ services (in case they have performed the repair of the equipment) and to control the time schedule of equipment maintenance. They will always have the history of works provided at hand.

Chief Manager of the Company

    The company management will always have an access to the information referring everything which happens in the company: revenue, settlements with debtors and creditors. They will be able to account the rental income in advance for few days period or a month, to keep daily monitoring, including monitoring of equipment operation performance. All this information will be performed graphically. Chief manager will not need to ask for the reports and to wait for them.
     The system of data analysis is flexible and can be adjusted quite quickly. It gives an opportunity to analyse the activity of the company in any form, to get charts directly in the program without spending time on transferring  the data to Excel.
      It is very important to be sure about the information provided. The accuracy of accounts of this rental management software is adjusted in the process of real use of real data.  The documents which are made in such way remove the opportunity for error.