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Software Integration

      There are two kinds of software integration. The first way when a company is already using the rental management software, and the second one in case the company does not have it in use yet. In the first case the typical integration endures 2 months. The first month company stuff is being briefed on the software, transferring of the data. The second month training operation learning and getting used to working with this software tool. In this case the installation may take from 2 weeks to 1 month.
      The scheme of the work is the following. Our support team contacts  your stuff and connects to your desktop using remote connection. The communication is so effective as if the specialist is sitting nearby. But there is no need to wait for his coming. Such scheme of work makes possible to install this rental management software in any point around the globe where the Internet is.

A few Words about the Support Team

      ...about the efficient team of specialists. The advantage of working exactly with the well-formed team is undeniable. At the beginning of creation of this software, after the terms of reference had been written, the programmer who was responsible for the main part of the program, disappeared. just didnt get on for a contact. So, the project was delayed for few months. It was necessary to look for stuff again. But the result proved its worth. A well-formed efficient team of well qualified specialists was created. Though, there were some problems at first. A natural selection had taken place before the main part of support team was formed. But now this team is really worth to be proud of. It is possible to implement any project with them. They are absolutely reliable and are ready to work hard overtime so as to manage the task properly and in time.

About the Cost

      We are not selling the rental management software itself... We are just renting it!!! The aim is to provide cost-effective software integration for you.
      With such approach we have the same goals: to bring this rental management software into the operation as quicker and more effectively as it possible.  
     The rent of the software can be compared with engaging the employee who is ready to work for your benefit day and night without dinner-time and weekends. The employee who will not tell you: "I am tired and will make this report tomorrow because I dont have time today". This rental management software will also control the accuracy of entering the data by the stuff and will tell you where the mistake is. It will not need the maternity leave and will not go to work for another or rival company, it will not ask you to double the salary because he/she works too hard for you. It will not ask for vacation allowance...